Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Can You Believe it?

Nature's beauty

Amazing Beauty

Nature's wonder

Polar Auroras

Clouds that look like UFO

Giant George, the tallest dog in the world

A 250-pound, 4 year old blue Great Dane from Arizona. 7 feet 3 inches from nose to tail

Long eared Jerboa

Mongolian desert rodent

Huge Gold Fish

Fisherman Raphael Biagini caught a 30-pound koi carp fish in France

Japanese Spider Crab, called Macrocheira kaempferi in Latin

Nick named as Crabzilla. Caught by fishermen in the Pacific Ocean, imported to Britain where it has gone on display at the National Sea Life Centre in Birmingham

Mouse and Frog friendship

A mouse and Frog seen floating during monsoon rains in India

Hybrid animal

Zebra Stallion

Bioluminescent Mushroom

Mycena lux-coeli mushrooms of Japan

Found near Chongju, Seoul in Korea

Human faced fish

Socotra Island

Alien looking place

Alien on Earth?!!

Lion Fish Super Attacker

Monster from the Deep

World around us has always hidden amazing and unimaginable facts. There is a saying, " Truth is stranger than fiction". Here you will see some of those amazing creatures and facts which have created controversy most of the time. As humans, we are not ready to accept facts that are beyond our imagination. So the title, "Believe it or not".

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